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Are you leading yourself in all 8 areas of LIFE? What about Fitness?

With so many of us striving to become better in LIFE, many times you hear “I don’t have enough time to work out and get into shape”. Many years ago I started a quest to see what my body could do under high physical demands of competitive bodybuilding and strength training.

Me waiting to go onstage for my first Bodybuilding Competition

I do not want anyone to think I have all the answers to Fitness, although I do remember what it felt like to shed pounds, gain lean muscle and hit a level of fitness that I first thought was unattainable. My challenge and question to myself and to all of you is…

Who will start their lifestyle change to become a more physically fit person in 2012?

As I discuss some of the key things I have done in the past (and are currently doing again), I want you to know I have attained a lot of this information from magazines, books, DVDs and online from sources that are the best in the field and with the results I wanted.

Let’s begin by stating only 25% of adults in North America participate in vigorous exercise 3 or more times a week. Almost 75% of adults are overweight or obese!!!!  Obese people have a 10-15% increase in premature deaths from all major health issues. The majority of deaths are attributed to some sort of cardiovascular disease. Many health professionals today attribute cancer, diabetes and mental health issues, such as depression, to deficiencies in fitness and well being.

The only true way to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle is to make necessary changes to our everyday life, in these 3 key areas:

There are 7 key components within these three areas to focus on in order to achieve overall good health, fitness, and well being:

1/ Cardiovascular/Aerobic Conditioning

2/ Strength Training and Muscular Development

3/ Core Stability

4/ Stretching

5/ Nutrition and Supplementation

6/ Mental Rest and Relaxation

7/ Sleep

It’s very easy to write these seven components down on paper, however it is not always easy for me to stay focused on the reason why I’m doing it. There are many daily distractions that can keep me from following these components. My biggest reasons for wanting to improve my overall health are for my wife, family and friends and wanting to be able to fully enjoy every moment with them.

Muhammad Ali hated every minute of training but said to himself “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

Remember, when things seem difficult or even impossible, that is the time to cement your commitment, because there is NO substitute for perseverance.

The human body is designed to be vital, robust, active and brimming with physicality. That urge to run, fly, swim and simply do, is part of the joy of being human. Health is not ours if we don’t respect it. Robert Kennedy said “ask yourself this, would you sell any part of your body (leg) or (arm) for money? Of course not!! The greatest possession we have is our bodies, so let’s take care of it.”

In order to build that lean body we have always wanted you will have to dedicate yourself to training and eating proper nutrition. Motivation is that significant element we must have in order to push through everyday good or bad.

Motivation check list:

1/ Set your goal – Immediate short term and long term. Create a dream board to help you visualize yourself.

2/ Record your work – Photos show changes. Writing is Validating.

3/ Celebrate the small stuff – Small results equals small reward.

4/ Celebrate the big stuff – Goals met equals big reward.

The process of being overweight and unhealthy took sometime. In many cases like mine years and years of poor eating habits and lack of exercise helped me get this way. Be patient and let little changes add up to big changes.  Eating smaller portions, multiple times a day is key to weight loss. Two thirds of our body is water, drink a lot of water daily. Active people should try to drink 2 to 3 liters a day.

We all have 24 hrs in a day, 8760 hrs a year. Winners and losers both live their lives day in and day out, the difference between success and failure and between having the quality of life you want and settling for less than you deserve, lies in the choices you make in your daily habits.

Together we can strive for better overall health and well being.

Hope this helps on our journey together!!

Wayne MacNamara


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